Who Invented Homework, and Why Was It Formulated? Homework is an activity that must be completed within a defined period of time. An assignment or assignment is a task under the responsibility of a manager or teacher. These homework assignments are a headache for many students of all grades since when they leave class they just want to rest.

Who Invented Homework, and Why?

Who Invented Homework

This invention dates back many years and is said to have been invented by Roberto Nevilis, an Italian educator in the year 1095, and whoever assigned homework for the first time as a punishment to his students.

To date, there are several arguments of students who say that homework continues to be a punishment applied by teachers, although teachers say otherwise since according to them it is to support the learning of students.

Iceland, one of the most respected countries in the world thanks to its coverage and high level of training, 100 percent of its population is literate. But what does the Icelandic education system have?

This is due to the few hours of classes, as well as a longer vacation period and most importantly, almost no homework, not to mention rarely.

Who Invented Homework?

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It should be noted that Icelandic students do not take exams either. This innovative and successful method is called “phenomenon learning”.