Why Is World Peace Day Celebrated? In 2001, the UN established that September 21 of each year be dedicated to peace. This day, converted into International Day of Peace, aims to strengthen and commemorate the ideals of peace among all the peoples of the planet, promoting values ​​such as tolerance, diversity, aid to refugees, and non-discrimination against those who are different.

The UN set itself some achievements to achieve, in order to avoid difficult situations that pave the way for conflicts. These goals to be achieved are, among others, the disappearance of poverty and hunger, the eradication of poverty, solving the issue of water scarcity, preventing environmental degradation, fighting diseases, remedying the lack of natural resources, avoid social inequality and combat xenophobia, racism, and corruption. All of the evils that while they exist it will be totally impossible the triumph of peace on Earth.

Why Is World Peace Day Celebrated

During the International Day of Peace, events related to it are celebrated in all countries of the world. There are many schools that join this initiative to raise awareness, from an early age, of the importance of peace and harmony in the world.

In addition, on this date the UN calls on all countries and corners of the world in which there is a conflict for a cease-fire to take place, one of the objectives being that humanitarian aid may enter, as well as that, to Through the symbolism that a day without offensives represents, everyone, remember that the conflict must come to an end so that all the inhabitants of the area in question can live their lives calmly and normally, and at the same time develop as a person with all dignity that this involves.