Who Invented Color Television? In 1880 and after the first black-and-white televisions were created, the first attempts to create color television appeared.

Although it was Maurice Le Blanc who proposed creating a mechanical color television, the truth is that it was the Pole Jan Szczepanik who in 1897 patented the first color television system, achieving its reproduction through selenium photoelectric cells, a prism, an oscillating mirror, and an electromagnet. Unfortunately, this invention was not successful since it did not work properly.

Who Invented TV (television) With Color?


Scottish John Logie Baird came up with a successful mechanical color television system, including three spiral discs and three light sources to combine light rays to create visible color images. In 1928 he showed off his invention astonishing people who had gathered to watch a color broadcast on television.

Later, in 1940, he managed to create a completely electric television system that could reproduce a limited range of colors.

But due to the high price and small amount of television content, the black and white television continued to be used regularly until the mid-1960s, despite the fact that in the United States there were quite a few television stations that from the year 1954 they began to adopt the diffusion in color.

who invented tv with color

It was in 1966 when NBC decided that the new programs to be broadcast be done in color, which marked a turning point in the world of television, since color televisions became increasingly popular, leaving Gradually bench and black TVs out of place.

After this adoption of color television in the United States, it gradually spread throughout the world. Europe waited until 1967 for the technical problems still existing within this world to be solved, to introduce the PAL color format. Already in 1972, sales of color televisions far exceeded those of black and white in the United States, thus consolidating the entry of color in every home.

Curiosities About Television

It was in 1907 when the word television was incorporated into the official vocabulary and later, in 1948, its abbreviation: TV. This device even has a world day and that is November 21. This date was established by the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate the first World Television Forum.

The first time that the English BBC network made its first public television broadcast, it was with the coronation of George VI, but that broadcast only reached about twenty thousand people.

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Although today we are used to seeing numerous cooking shows on television, the truth is that in 1937 they were the most popular then, and the French chef Marcel Boulestin was the first chef to appear on television.