Who Invented the Camera? Nowadays thanks to the latest technologies such as tablets, mobiles, or the different music players that have integrated cameras, it is possible to capture all kinds of images, and of course, spread them on social networks and portals.

But all this is possible today thanks to the discovery, in the year 1830 approximately, of the photosensitive components. Thanks to them, dark cameras were converted into photographic cameras.

The first camera is attributed to the French brothers known as Charles and Vincent Chevalier. They made a wooden camera in 1826 for Joseph Niepce, considered the first photographer in history. In 1836 Daguerre achieved enormous improvements within the field of photography, making the photos produced much better than previous ones.

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George Eastman is also very important in the history of the camera since he perfected the idea of ​​the roll of film that had been previously developed. He first used paper for image development and then used celluloid film to capture and maintain images more efficiently. It also introduced 35mm cameras. at the famous Kodak company in 1885.

It was in 1936 when the first compact camera appeared, although it was in World War II when the cameras underwent notable improvements in terms of useful functions and their lenses. At the end of the 20th century, the photographic industry had a major revolution, and even reels were displaced by memory cards. On the other hand, digital cameras were becoming much more affordable for the public.

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The Concept of the Photographic Camera

Despite the fact that the two aforementioned French brothers were responsible for the creation of the photo camera, the truth is that there are a series of inventions and inventors, which also influenced so that the cameras that we know today, could be possible.

So for example Alhazen was commissioned to create the foundations and foundations of the camera obscura by inventing the pinhole camera. He tried to explain why the image produced by this type of camera was backward. This great scientist was known as “the father of modern optics”.

On the other hand, JH Schulze discovered that using silver nitrate, it was possible to create a black and white image. This was because the chemistry of this nitrate allowed part of the film to be covered so that it was white. Meanwhile, he exposed another part to turn it black.

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But with the passage of time, everything turned dark, the image in perfect condition lasting only a few hours. On the other hand, it took a long time to take such photographs.

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The truth is that this latest discovery along with the first idea that came from China, the photo camera would not be at all what it is today. And it is that in the 5th century a Chinese man noticed that in a process in which light, reflection, and a dark area was involved, a copy identical to that of the image seen by the device was obtained.