Who Invented Ice Cream? Surely one of the tastiest and most popular desserts in the world is ice cream. There are them of all the imaginable varieties and of all the flavors. In fact, millions of liters are consumed every day on the planet. But do you know who invented this original dessert?

The origin of ice cream can be traced back to the 4th century BC. at least, although he began to become more popular as a result of the Roman Emperor Nero, he ordered that they bring him ice from the mountains to combine with fruit. In 618 AD, the Chinese king Tang created a method for mixing ice and milk, although due to the complexity that its elaboration required, it was a dish that was only intended for the powerful classes.

Who Invented Ice Cream?

Who Invented Ice Cream

Over the years the Chinese managed to improve the maintenance and transport of snow, and thanks to this, ice cream was more accessible to everyone, and this food was sold in many corners of China as early as the 13th century.

The ice cream did not become popular in Europe until the 14th century when Marco Polo returned from one of his trips to Asia with numerous methods and recipes used in China to prepare this food. At this time the Europeans did not yet dominate the storage of snow, so only the richest had access to ice cream.

Who Invented Ice Cream & History Behind?

Ice Cream Legends

During the sixteenth century, one of the most ostentatious weddings in all of history took place in France: that of Henry II with Catherine de Medici. During the meeting, which lasted more than a month, the legend that every day a different ice cream served and under the pressure felt by the chefs for this variety, added to the thick, egg and other ingredients cream recipe, creating numerous recipes that are still valid today.

Ice Creams In America

This tasty product landed in America with Italian immigrants who came to the United States. There it became popular very quickly and was even served by Presidents Jefferson and Washington to their guests. But it wasn’t until 1776 that the first ice cream parlor opened in New York.

The American colonists were the ones who began to use the term “frozen cream”, to be abbreviated as “ice cream”, a name with which it is known today.

From this moment on, the improvements for the manufacture of ice cream were constant. In 1846 an ice sprayer was patented by Nancy Johnson, who managed to establish the fundamental method of making ice cream. In 1897 Alfred Cralle was in charge of patenting a mold for ice creams as well as the spoon used to serve them.

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Finally, mechanical refrigeration appeared, so that ice cream became distributable and very profitable, with ice cream shops becoming a true icon within American culture.