What To Do When Your Bored In Class? We’ve all had that class where we can’t stand being alive how boring it is. And despite your efforts, you cannot keep your eyes open.

Here we will give you tips so that at least you do not fall dead on your desk.

What To Do When Your Bored In Class

Eat a candy

Actually any candy works, but the most effective is cinnamon because it helps you stay focused and wake up. But chocolate or mint can energize you too. Chewing gum is another option but it is not as discreet as a sweet and in several schools, it is not allowed. The point is that the sugar and flavor give you a boost of energy that will help you survive the class.

Ask Questions

It may not seem like it, but asking questions, even silly and obvious, helps you get involved in the class. So you can even get interested in the subject and, read this well…. Pay attention to the class😱.

Listen to Music

It’s obvious that if you can’t put on your headphones and listen to music, a good option is to write the lyrics of your favorite songs in a notebook or anywhere in fact. So you will be singing the song in your head. Of course, this is not the best way to pay attention but at least you will not fall asleep.

Drink Cold Water

Several studies show that inattention and tiredness can be the cause of dehydration. So drinking cold water can solve your problem, in addition to your lack of hydration.

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Crazy Tip: Learn how to spin a pencil over your thumb. Your friends will be impressed. Just be careful not to when the teacher is watching. It is likely to fall a lot while you are learning.

Ask permission to go to the bathroom

This is the least effective because 60% of the time they will say no. But if you go to the bathroom you can wash your face and even sleep for a while on the toilet. It may work for you or it may only make you more sleepy, or the teacher worries about you because you have been in the bathroom for more than 2o minutes.

More importantly, maybe if you give the class a chance you might like it and even find it interesting. Keep classes going!