Have you ever considered that it is possible to give a second use to plastic bottles? If you are tired of seeing how they accumulate and you care about the environment, pay attention to the next post, where I reveal the best recycling ideas with plastic bottles.

You can not miss it! Best of all, many of the ideas are very simple to do and can become a project suitable for the whole family. And you won’t need to buy anything! All the necessary material to carry out these ideas you already have at home. Get the most out of plastic bottles!

Recycling with Plastic Bottles for Plants

Plastic bottles can be the raw material to create a fantastic vertical garden. You can also use them as hanging pots.

indoor vertical vegetable garden diy

Another option is to create fun pots with the most endearing characters.

recycled 1.5 plastic bottles

To make your own flowerpot with character by recycling a plastic bottle follow these simple instructions:

plastic bottle craft for garden

Another very original utility is to make a mini-greenhouse with half a plastic bottle.

using plastic bottles to protect plants

If you prefer, you can create your own plants by recycling plastic bottles. You can make cacti, daffodils, lotus flowers or hyacinths.

plastic bottle innovation

How To Make Jewels With Plastic Bottles

There are many very clever ways to make your own jewelry from plastic bottles. You can, for example, make great bracelets.

how to make jewelry with plastic bottles

Another option is to use the plastic from the bottles to make beautiful and original beads.

upcycled plastic

In addition to bracelets, you can get animated and create brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Build the complete set! These crafts are ideal to give away on any occasion. Surprise your friends and family!

recycled pet

Decorate With Recycled Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can become the perfect decorative element to brighten up a forgotten wall. Create original garlands using plastic bottles. There are several ways to do it: you can use the butt of the bottle and take advantage of the fact that it has a flower shape or you can cut it like a star, another option is to use the top part or else you can also cut the whole bottle forming a spiral.

mobile art using recycled materials

Plastic bottles also serve to create original bowls.

Upcycled Plastic Water Bottles

A while ago we already saw some recycling ideas to decorate with lamps, but this time we bring you an idea to build very original lamps with plastic bottles. Do you dare to do it?

easy plastic bottle craft

Even if you prefer, plastic bottles can become pretty chandeliers. Best of all, they are so easy to do. Do you dare? They can become the perfect gift for guests to your home at the next dinner. So you will all keep a nice memory with which to decorate the house. To make a candlestick for a long candle you just have to join the mouths of two bottles of different sizes. Instead, to make a candle holder for a small type candle you will have to trim the butt of the bottle and use it as a base for the candle.

plastic bottles can become pretty chandeliers

Decorate your garden with houses and bird feeders.

make a bird feeder

Have you been surprised by everything we have seen that can be done with recycling with plastic bottles? Well, wait to see what comes next!

How To Make Recycled Toys With Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can also serve as raw materials to create great toys. The best of all is that in addition to creating the toys you will get the little ones to be distracted and have a lot of fun doing them. You can use detergent containers to create elf houses or use water bottles to make crowns, a worm, horses, sumo dolls, or even a rocket man costume.

recycled toys with plastic bottles

Organize Your Home Through Recycling With Plastic Bottles

There are many creative ideas to recycle and decorate your house in the most original way, and one of them is to organize your house using plastic bottles. Plastic bottles, for example, can be used to make an original container to store toothbrushes. With this idea, each member of the family will have their place to store the toothbrush. So there will be no confusion! Don’t you find it practical?

Organize Your Home Through Recycling With Plastic Bottles

Recycling with plastic bottles can also help organize your desk and dresser. Finally, you can also make boxes to organize all your things.

make boxes to organize all your things

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