Essence-Beta System

These pages comprise an incomplete draft for an interactive fiction game system loosely derived from the Earthdawn and Ars Magica game systems. The Essence-Beta system is created as a stepping stone and concept test for a future full system we are envisioning. We play it weekly, but it has not been prepared for public consumption in any reasonable way, but if you know Earthdawn and Ars Magica, you can probably follow what we’re doing. Again, it is not as yet complete or usable without reference to the rule books for those games.

Rules Draft
Skill List
Variance List

Also, as Earthdawn is out of print, we have an online copy of the main rule book for our players to reference. This is stored on another server and is merely a simple archive of someone else’s site, so there are many irrelevant headings and broken links that I haven’t fixed (like the search page). Please do not use this unless you game with us–it will definitely be removed at some point.

Earthdawn is a trademark of FASA and Ars Magica is a trademark of whoever happens to own it right now. The use of those terms in this document is not intended to challenge ownership. This text copyright Robert Braddock, [email protected] Comments welcome.